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Posted on July 23, 2017

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What does an Oakland's Raiders football team and the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" have in common? Yes they are both well known around the world and are also multi-million investments, but that wouldn't be the initial thing in mind when these two come to mind. Maybe the black and silver dominant images of pirates with one eye patches, hats, and two swords at the back would be a more accurate description. Indeed this would be an image that would strike an upright reaction from anyone and would certainly leave the unprepared and weak in an inferior pose. After all, Pirates are Raiders. They will take what is yours and make it theirs. For some reason, this sort of image does work. Whether it is for movies or as for the NFL Raiders they do get what is theirs. And what is it? Whether it is a movie awards in Hollywood or Super Bowl Victory, it would simply be spelled and called S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

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We all know that the NFL Raiders are based in California. But some may be confused as to why there is and was an Oakland Raiders and a Los Angeles Raiders team. Well, simply put, the team which was originally based in Oakland was then transferred to be based in Los Angeles for sometime, and then transferred back to Oakland. Yes, these were due to legal reasons, but then again, it did not have an effect. Football is simply football and winning is what every team would want. California, not only should take pride in the "Cali lifestyle" they have where spring and summer never got better, but of their football team as well.

The Raiders have won multiple super bowls already and are one of the best in the league. No sports fanatic from any state or even country could ever say that the Raiders have no right to step on that field. After all, in the words of Al Davis, the team's head coach and general manager in the year 1963, the team should abide by the slogans, "Pride and Poise," "Commitment to Excellence," and "Just Win, Baby". These are registered trademarks meant not only for marketing reasons, but team motivation and direction. And it did work!

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They did get the recognition, the victories, and most of all, worldwide fans cheering for them! Indeed it was more than just victories and the trophies, it was the name they got that made their logo so familiar that hats and jerseys would be worn even outside the United States.

So what does their logo of a Raider have to do with anything about football? Well maybe you can just say that every victory is a steal. And as long as this team keeps on winning, then you can also say that it keeps on getting what they want and making it theirs. After all, life is too short to settle for anything else which is less. Go be a Raider. Know what you want, earn it, and make it yours!

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It's hard to see this team putting together a winning season with upper management undergoing polemic. The word on the street have bounded the Oakland Raiders coaching staff and have annoy in the hearts and minds of the Raider nation since the close of the regular season.

So, Rob Ryan has been fired? or Ryan has not been fired?. Lane Kiffin is miserable and going to walk away? Other than some news implicating that Rob Ryan has not been fired; the Raider organization has been quieter than the Pontiac Silverdome back in 70's. That quietness has only feed the theory broaden. After all, reporters at the Senior Bowl got remarks from both Lane Kiffin and Rob Ryan that appear to amount to not much more than don't ask!!

Where should we start? Let's see, head coach Lane Kiffin tried to fire defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who directed over the No. 26 scoring defense in the NFL last year, but owner Al Davis outlaw the move. Then, it began to seem that Kiffin was on his way out, showing up for public events not displaying any Raiders gear and commonly giving unclear responses (or no replies at all) when asked about his future. Kiffin made it to training camp with his job in one piece, but you'd find few folks determined to bet that he'll make it all the way through 2008.

Another debate appeared when the Raiders splurge a load of cash in the free agent period, but spent it remarkably.

They gave unreasonably massive deals to regular defensive tackle Tommy Kelly and wide receiver Javon Walker, both of whom come carrying injuries on their backs from last season. Davis also dealt for Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall, whose comments and friendship with Michael Vick gave a lot to talk about in Atlanta.

There were a few strange moves, like the signing of unrecognized safety Gibril Wilson, a key part of the Super Bowl Champion Giants' defense and the selection of dazzling Arkansas running back Darren McFadden with the No. 4 overall pick, but the bad still overshadow the good by a wide border and it's hard to believe a team that made slight progress under Kiffin last year will have a chance to truly jell with so much insecurity leaking the group.

If this team's play does indeed stand firm to whatever Davis' prophecy is, we might be wrong and finally see some good changes approaching the 08-09 campaign.

Now, as a fan and writer who cares about the game, should I be worried about the rumours? Or maybe focus on the fact that Rob has a contract with the Raiders and he'll be the coordinator for the season, or maybe just think that the media is confused and they made up some untrue story. These rumours have been the talk of the Nation for a good while, yet Kiffin hasn't heard them. Maybe we should send him daily reports and updates to show him "information" is not just a word, but a daily chapter in sports.

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Jim Plunkett had an interesting career in the National Football League. One of the most interesting of any quarterback that would go on to be one of the more successful players in a franchise's history.

Plunkett was a major success at Stanford University where he won the Heisman Trophy and then was drafted with the number one pick by the New England Patriots. He didn't have great success with the Patriots, and after things had grown somewhat stale there he was shipped off to the San Francisco 49ers. His tenure with the 49ers was not any better and a couple of seasons later he found himself on his third NFL roster, that of the Oakland Raiders.

It is with the Raiders that Plunkett would blossom, thanks in large part to the many great players the franchise surrounded him with on offense, including Cliff Branch, Todd Christensen, and Marcus Allen. Because of the great deal he has meant to the team, Jim Plunkett will always be a special part of Raiders history. Here is a look at five interesting facts about Jim Plunkett.

#1 - The team victimized most by Jim Plunkett was the Kansas City Chiefs. The 13 touchdowns he threw against them during his career are more than he threw against any other team.

#2 - The first touchdown Jim Plunkett threw in his NFL career happened in a 20-6 victory over the Raiders in 1971 while he was playing for the Patriots. It came in the third quarter, went for 33 yards, and was caught by Ron Sellers.

#3 - During his career, no one caught more touchdown passes from Jim Plunket than the 20 hauled in by Raiders tight end Todd Christensen.

#4 - In his first season with the Raiders, he only threw one touchdown pass. It came in the fourth quarter of a 35-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Raiders were trailing 28-0 at the time and it would be there only score of the game. It was a one yard pass to running back Derrick Jensen.

#5 - The most touchdowns Plunkett ever threw in one game was four, and he did it three times, once with each team he played with. He first did it for the Patriots in a 1971 game against the Buffalo Bills, he then did it for the 49ers in a 1977 game against the Dallas Cowboys, and then he did it in 1983 for the Raiders in a game against the Redskins.

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